"A Picture Paints a Thousand Words..."

At PSLdrive School of Motoring, Cardiff, we have found that we always get the very best results with new learner drivers by using a training method that combines highly structured, practical and supportive driving lessons combined with the use of colourful and informative visual aids.

When you start learning to drive with us you will be given your very own introductory Welcome Pack together with your Learner Driver Instruction Manual.  Your Manual will build week-by-week into an indispensable 40-page reference guide which you can dip into throughout your driving course to revisit driving topics and refresh your knowledge of key manoeuvres.  The Manual will also  provide you with an invaluable revision aid before your practical driving test.

Incorporating our visual training method into your driving lessons will provide you with many benefits:

tiny tick.png  It will help you feel more engaged and involved in the learing process
tiny tick.png  It will help you understand and remember new concepts and manoeuvres more easily
tiny tick.png  It will help you improve your learning time with the combined use of words and pictures
tiny tick.png  It will provide you with a valuable reference guide which you can visit at anytime for clarification
tiny tick.png  It will make learning to drive more intersting, enjoyable and fun for you!

If you are still not convinced as to the value our visual aided training and Learner Driver Instruction Manual will be to you, just take a quick look at the fantastic feedback we have received from previous learner drivers who have successfully passed their driving tests with PSLdrive School of Motoring using our training method.