Frequently Asked Questions:

Your First Steps:

Q cut out.png: How do I apply for my Provisional Driving Licence so that I can start to learn to drive?
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: Before you start learning to drive, you must possess a Provisional Driving Licence.  Although you can apply for a Provisional Driving Licence from the age of 15 years and 9 months, you will not be legally allowed to drive a car on the road until your 17th birthday. You can apply for your Provisional Driving Licence online with the DVLA at or by completing the D1 Application Form which you can pick up for your local Post Office branch.  

Q cut out.png: How many driving lessons will I need before I will be ready to sit my driving test?
a cutout.png: The number of lessons needed is subjective and very much dependent on the individual; your previous driving experience (if any), how quickly you pick up and retain the knowledge and skills taught during your driving lessons, how much addtional driving practice you manage to fit in around your driving lessons etc.  However, it is generally anticipated that a completely new learner driver will need around 40 to 45 hours of professional driving instruction.  Please visit Driving Test Success for further details.

Q cut out.png: I started learning to drive a number of years ago but let it go.  Do you teach lapsed learner drivers?
a cutout.png: Yes, of course, at PSLdrive School of Motoring, we understand that occassionally life events and other commitments interfere with the learning to drive process.  The good news, however, is that it's never too late to kickstart your enthusiasm for learning to drive again!  On your first lesson we will take our time to evaluate your current driving ability and tailor-make a driving tuition plan that is perfect for you.

Q cut out.png: I passed my test a while back but I still find that I'm afraid to drive on busy motorways.  Can you help?
a cutout.png: Yes, Motorway driving is something that sometimes needs a bit of professional help to explain how to handle joining, leaving and overtaking. A session with PSLdrive School of Motoring will deal with all these issues, calmly and clearly guiding you through your concerns and fears about Motorway driving.

Q cut out.png: I was involved in a car accident recently and it's really dented my confidence to drive.  Can you help?
a cutout.png: Yes, Of course we can help you get back behind the wheel and regain your confidence. Sometimes accidents happen and for some people the experience can be so traumatic that they no longer feel confident driving on busy roads or in circumstances similar to which the accident occurred.  PSLdrive school will provide you with the gentle, nurturing support and patience you need to help you gradually regain the belief that you can drive again; providing you with skills to be able to drive safely and with confidence.

Q cut out.png: I'm a mature driver who passed my test decades ago but recently got caught speeding which has shaken my confidence.  Can you help?
a cutout.png: Yes, On today's busy roads we naturally have speed limits which reflect the type of road and the surrounding environment. This means that you could well be driving through a large number of varying speed zones in succession.  Sometimes, a momentary lapse in concentration can result in either a speeding fine, or more seriously, an accident.  If this has happended to you and you feel you need to brush up on your driving skills or have a professional driving instructor give you some helpful advice on how to drive safely and within the law, PSLdrive School of Motoring can certainly help.  Sometimes after many years of driving, bad habits can creep in, and all that is required is just a couple of back-to-basics refresher lessons to remind ourselves of what it means to be a safe and responsible driver.

Choosing Your Driving Instructor:

Q cut out.png: How do I find a Driving Instructor who's right for me?
a cutout.png: Choosing the right driving instructor is probably one of the most important decisions you will make when starting to learn to drive. Not only will you need someone who is at the top of their profession but you will also want someone who will be patient, thorough, knowledgable and inspiring; you will also need a driving instructor who will make learning fun and also nuture you in to becoming a safe and confident driver.  The best way to judge whether a driving instructor is right for you is from their customer feedback as this will enable you to get an excellent real picture of the person. Our Grade A driving instructor has been classed as 'Outstanding' on the indepdent customer feedback website Freeindex.  Click here to see what PSLdrive School of Motoring's customer say about us.

Q cut out.png: What do the different grades of instructor mean?
a cutout.png: If you are looking around for a driving instructor in Cardiff you will probably have noticed that there are different grades of instructors; each driving instructor must be registered with the DVSA and legally have to be re-assessed every 2 to 4 years:

  • Up until 2014, driving instructors were graded from 1 (the worst) to 6 (the best).  Anything below a 4 was classed as a fail.
  • From 2014 onwards driving instructors have been graded A - B, or Fail, with A being the best.
  • PSLdrive School of Motoring's driving instructor has been independently evaluated by the DVSA and awarded the highest grade possible - an 'A' which provides you with the peace of mind and complete confidence in his ability to provide you with the very best possible quality of driving lesson tuition available.

Your Driving Theory Test:

Q cut out.png: What resources are available to help me revise for my Driving Theory Test?
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There are numerous printed and online study aids available to help you revise for your Driving Theory Test, along with a variety of paid-for courses and private tuition if required.  However, some of the best resources we have found are:

  • An essential Book to read is the DVSA's Official Highway Code which can be purchased online or from any good book store
  • A great App to download for tablet or smartphone is available from Driving Test Success and is highly recommmended
  • Also helpful are FREE online Practice Driving Theory Tests which you can take on the Driving Safe for Life website 

Q cut out.png: How do I book my Driving Theory Test?
a cutout.png: Booking your Driving Theory Test can be done quickly and simply online using the DVSA website at  You will need your Driving Licence Number, a current email address and a debit or credit card to pay for the test. Alternatively you can contact the DVSA direclty:

Q cut out.png: Where is my nearest Driving Theory Test Centre?
a cutout.png: If you intend sitting your Driving Theory Test in Cardiff, the test centre is conveniently located in the centre of town, just a 2-minute walk from Cardiff Queen Street Railway Station and just off Queen Street:

3rd Floor
Limerick House
23 Churchill Way
CF10 2HE

Alternatively, if you wish to sit your driving theory test in a different centre, you can use the Theory Test Centre Search Facility on the DVSA's website to find a centre that's suitable for you.

​​Your Practical Driving Test:

Q cut out.png: How will I know when I'm ready to take my Driving Test?
a cutout.png: When every subject has been learnt, practiced and perfected, and you can drive without any help from your instructor then you will be ready to take your Driving Test. Your Driving Instructor will be able to tell you when this happens - but you should know this because the assistance from your instructor will become less and less.

Q cut out.png: How do I book my Driving Test?
a cutout.png: With PSLdrive School of Motoring you don't have to worry about booking your driving test yourself. Your Instructor will book the Driving Test for you on an agreed date and time. This is to ensure that you are ready for the test, the car will be available for you on that day and that the test won't clash with another pupil's Driving Test. There is NO extra fee for this booking - you will just pay for the Driving Test fee directly to your Instructor.

Q cut out.png: What is the cost of the hire of the Instructor's Car on the day of the test?
a cutout.png: The cost will be 2 hours at your normal lesson rate. There are no extra fees charged by PSLdrive - even though the lesson will normally overrun.

The Driving Instructor's Car:

Q cut out.png: What type of car will I be learning to drive in?
a cutout.png: You will be taking your driving lessons in a Seat Ibiza, Manual car with a petrol engine. The car is fitted with dual controls for complete peace of mind and road safety. You will also be pleased to know that the car is also fully air-conditioned if you are learning to drive during those hot summer months.

Q cut out.png: Do you also have an automatic transmission car?
a cutout.png: No, we do not teach driving lessons in an automatic car.